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Since 10-04

My Favorite Actor.beautifulJude-Lawsemi-profileBIGcomp.jpg (32402 bytes)

He can be anybody, he is a chameleon...I first saw him on video in "Gattaca", and then "Wilde" and then in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." I remember thinking that he was good but not paying him much attention, I didn't even catch his name or know he was the same actor in all three movies! He was SO good that his characters turned me off and blinded me to the actor himself. He was a pathetic character in Gattaca, a cruel gay (not a turn on for me) in Wilde and an outright criminal in Midnight. Then I watched "Music From Another Room", which is such a sweet movie, and I was smitten. At this point I looked Jude up on the internet and was amazed to find that I had seen him three times before! He is "unbearably handsome" to quote Director Anthony Minghella. He also has other qualities I find attractive, (or so I read). A good father and a kind person who is energetic and a hard and enthusiastic worker. Intelligent, patient and charismatic.
In other Words, a Class Act!!! (A lot like my husband!)

In my travels around the internet, on different live journals, communities and websites, I have seen a huge source of Jude artwork made by Jude fans. I think it would be great to have a place where a fan could go and see this beautiful artwork. I have been in contact with many of these fans and asked if they wouldn't mind sharing their work here on my site and most everyone that has contacted me has been quite willing to do so. Please look in the FanArt section and check it out. If you like anything and want to use it for anything on the internet, please give credit to the fan who made it. If you have artwork of your own to share, or know of anyone else that might, please email me and let me know where to see it.

FYI: I am not a fan of paparazzi photos or tabloid stories, so you won't find them here.

judeatbowiecomp.jpg (41816 bytes)

Arena Sliverhawk scan

Jude is ...Toothsome (TOOTH-suhm) adjective
1. Delicious.
2. Agreeable; pleasant.
3. Sexually attractive.

From tooth + -some
A related word is handsome, from hand + -some, literally easy to handle or manipulate.

JudeAviator1comp.jpg (31759 bytes)
Jude in
The Aviator

Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events

Jude in
I Heart Huckabees

Alfiestillwm.jpg (28804 bytes)
Jude as Alfie

JudeSiennaAlfiepremierUK.jpg (13307 bytes)
Jude & Sienna Miller
at UK Alfie Premiere

Jude in Closer

JudeGwynethskycaptokyo.jpg (38077 bytes)
Jude & Gwyneth
Sky Captain Premiere Interview in Tokyo

SkyCaptainJude.jpg (39171 bytes)
Jude as Sky Captain

On the Red Carpet!!! For the Premier in Hollywood on 9/15/04.
click on the:  

alfiebookcover.jpg (57727 bytes)

Book cover for the 2004 re-release of the "Alfie" novel by Bill Naughton to be released on September 30th, 2004. 

Judecomiconinterview.jpg (84050 bytes)

Great interview!!! 8/19/0

judejapanmic.jpg (19678 bytes)
Jude at interview in Tokyo Sky Captain Premiere

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