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Since 10-04

Gaye from recently discovered a lot of great videos of Jude interviews and such!

Video and photo's of Jude, photographed by Helmut Newton, Monaco, 2001

Cold Mountain presser. Website in French, but Jude clips are in English

Charlie Rose Show interview, 7/8/2002
Tom Hanks, Sam Mendes, Paul Newman and Jude Law  Road to Perdition.
(Real player Audio interview) Jude doesn't speak for long.

Cold Mountain: Charlie Rose Show interview, New York, December 23, 2003
Real player audio interview with Jude, Minghella, & Kidman

A.I. exclusive Jude Law interview.

Sky Captain - Jude, Gwyneth

Judenataliecloser.jpg (47704 bytes)

Yahoo - Closer Clips and interviews 

Closer Interview

Cutesmile!NYCawards.jpg (20876 bytes)Jude TV and video!!! I love seeing him as himself...

November 29 '04: Jude on Today show 
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Cold Mountain Japan Premier
Jude Interview with Press

JudeinJapan.jpg (21837 bytes)

alfiesweetsmile.jpg (90069 bytes)

Alfie interview video here:
Alfie Interview on Extra TV:

Something cool I found is that you can double click on the video and the screen will stop and you can stare at any particular Jude shot you like.
Anyone see a way to copy a frame from it?

judesiennadancealfie.jpg (54848 bytes)
And this is the extended Alfie Interview from Extra TV!

Alfie "Thanks Baby" clip
JudeMarisa.jpg (22936 bytes)

Extra TV has so much, you can just search their site for
Jude Law and find more!!!

Hey, Jude! His Movie Romance: 

skycapearlyshow.jpg (23638 bytes)
CBS Early show free video:

judegwynskycap.jpg (19528 bytes) Sky Captain Interview video:

Jude and Gwyneth on Oprah!
Jude&GwynethonOprah.jpg (34010 bytes)
Jude&GwynethonOprah.jpg (34010 bytes)  JudeonOprah.jpg (26138 bytes)

Hey Ya! Esquire's Men of the Moment:

  More Comic Con:
Jude&GiovanniComicCon.jpg (27675 bytes)

comic-con_judeBai.gif (67042 bytes) 073004JudeLaw_ComicCon.jpg (54671 bytes)
Jude at Comicon in San Diego on July 24, 2004
Extra TV Comic Con 2004 video on the Web.

See Free Videos from CBS! 
Jude interviewed on "The Early Show."

earlyshowcoldmountain.jpg (17568 bytes)
On Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain cast interview

Enemy at the Gates cast interview

See Jude Breakdance!

On The Talented Mr. Ripley

Interview on The Road to Perdition

Here there is a short, old, but worthwhile clip of a Jude interview, talking about Natural Nylon, before eXistenZ came out:

For this interview video, it won't open in Firefox. Use explorer. You can find video by going to the site and clicking on trailers and then finding the page that has Sky Captain, around page 108


Or just go here and search for Jude Law videos:

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